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CEO MooHo Lim
Moo Ho Lim (Kevin)
We are a company to create belief and value as reality
of human growth and possibility.

As it time goes on the era of 1st, 2nd 3rd Industrial revolutions, then the advent of 4th Industrial Revolution, the most important key element of the organization is the successful secure human resources.

“ There is a leader lacking ability, and no organization is incompetent.”

All members of the organization are to become
We will show our best efforts and achievements to secure personal growth and
organizational vision.

We will show our best efforts and best achievements to achieve
personal growth and organizational vision.

From the book “ The Travels of Marco Polo ”, Marco Polo describes a bridge, stone by stone. "But which is the stone that supports the bridge?" Kublai Khan asks.

"The bridge is not supported by one stone or another," Marco answers,
"but by the line of the arch that they form."
Kublai Khan remains silent, reflecting.
Then he adds:
"Why do you speak to me of the stones?
It is only the arch that matters to me."
Polo answers:

"Without stones there is no arch."


Consulting (HRD) Business

Competency modeling

The competency modeling systematically grasps the key action elements required for the accomplishment of the work performance, focusing on the organization's vision and strategy,
And to use the results in human resource management.

consulting(HRD)Business infomation

Education Infomatization Project

SI (System Integration) service is a system for planning information systems It provides all services from development
to implementation and further operation. It has a structured SI business structure to provide business proposals,
performances, sales support and technical consulting that lead to customer success.

Information Strategy Planning (ISP)

It is based on the basic procedure / methodology of informatization strategy to improve the problems derived from
analysis of information system for continuous growth of organization by establishing strategic plan for optimal
informatization. After analyzing the customer demands and business process to proceed project.

isp step infomation

Plan / Organize teams and environments

plan/organize teams and anvironments

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Education (training) Business

Consignment training

Dain Leaders Co., Ltd. has affluent educational business experiences and professional staffs to customize the
curriculum for each subject and contents for stable education business operation.

consignment training

ODA Project (Official Development Assistance)

Based on the reference model, the consulting organization is expected to diagnose the IT level of the host country and forecast future development based on the advanced model as the reference model. Successful consulting is carried out through constant corrections and enhancements.


We build systematic analysis / design and system according to development methodology based on accumulated
technology through successful execution of project.

system Process

Prior to the project, we analyzed the requirements of the host country and conducted a survey on domestic and foreign market to provide system operation We support optimum equipment.

Establishment of system considering local suitability and stability / openness of source country and host country agency



The invitation training will select the direction of the curriculum and emphasized education to enhance the interest and understanding of the project for people of the host country and the key members of the host country.

Between Korea and Host country expert of Knowledge network

Invitation training component

Invitation training component

Training operation and management

Training operation and management


Blockchain is a technology of distributing and storing data of all users participating in the network by the data distributed processing.
The Many have data and it called as 'public transaction books' or 'distributed transaction books'. Data can not be hacked or forged because they are stored in many places.
Unlike a public block chain that anyone can participate, the private block chain allows only authorized parties to view and store data

blockchain concept

Block chaining is a decentralization method rather than a centralized data management. It can solve security maintenance cost, hacking and data manipulation problems which are problems of existing data management and can be used in various fields.

Advanced data management technology

blockchain uses

Qualifications, degrees are proven by Data processing techniques (Blockchain) can be used by creating personal portfolio, and support continuous career development and management mission/employment/start-up and turn over.
All data is stored in NoSQL DB using distributed storage techniques, administrators are aware of the storage and events of all nodes and their values are encrypted with a hash to ensure a secure and secure structure.




application server/DB server

CPWeb Processing

CPWeb Processing

CPWeb Processing

DB server


our organization


2020 2012 icon
  • Nov .Selected as a company designated for special military service (Military Manpower Administration)
  • Jul .Blockchain-based foreign student matching platform DoDream beta service launched
  • Jul .Selected as a data voucher support project (Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency)
  • Jun .Selected as a blockchain technology verification (PoC) support project (Ministry of Science and ICT/Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency)
2018 2018 icon
  • Dec .System construction and supply business PMC with Tashkent University of Information Technologies in Uzbekistan
  • Sep .Blockchain technology exchange MOU with Hanoi Open University
  • Jan .MAIN Biz Certification (Establishment certificate: MSS)
2016 2016 icon
  • Nov .Patent application for career development based on core competency
  • Mar .Legal Trade Mark registered 'CareerPASS' NCS-based job basic ability diagnosis system program
2014 2014 icon
  • Dec .PMC of Hanoi Open University Improvement Project in Vietnam
  • Nov . Acquired overseas construction license (ICT Field)
  • Aug .Establishment and accreditation of affiliated technology research institute (Establishment certificate: KOITA)
  • July .MOU with Seoul Digital University
  • July .MOU with Myongji College
  • June . Development of teaching materials and textbooks for technical high schools in East Timor (KOICA)
  • Apr .Registered as information and communication business license(No. 202083)
2012 2012 icon
  • Oct .Change the company name into Dain Leaders Co.,Ltd
  • Oct .Registered 'CareerPASS' Student Career Development System Program
2019 2012 icon
  • Jun .R&D rediscovery project selected (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • Mar .Registered a patent for a reliable content recommendation method and system based on SNS (No. 10-1859620)
2017 2017 icon
  • May .INNO Biz Certification (SMBA, Korea)
  • Mar .Venture Company Certification (SBC,Korea)
2015 2015 icon
  • Sep .MOU with Hanyang University
  • July . MOU with Ubion
  • June .Sign partnership Hyundai Autoever
  • Jan .Establishment of Dain Leaders Vietnam Co.,Ltd
2013 2013 icon
  • July .Launching HRD consulting service and ODA
  • June . 2013 Register business license of Korea Software Industry Association 'Software Provider'
  • Jan .MOU with Gyeonggi Science and Technology University
2009 2009 icon
  • June .Establishment of Leaders Job Co.,Ltd